Champing and the other news uses during Clerkenwell design week


The new luxury will be to camp or live inside a church, the new trend camping; may be th inspiration to create a bedroom at St John’s Church, from the XVIII century , came from there. An installation made by Nulty Lighting design and the furniture company Michael Northcrofts during Clerknwell design week.

Another scenery occupied during the design festival were the dungeons under the street, a Victorian detention centre; this space gathered all the conditions to better value the quality of the Camila’s handcrafted loudspeakers and her stand: honesty with in design and materials. This neighbourhood has his history tangled around craftsmanship.

Fabric, the night club, was another space occupied by the exhibition; previously accommodated the old cold Smithfield’s market warehouse, with its impressive brick volts. Bang&Olufsen, sponsoring Icon House of culture couldn’t pick a better place to present their products; they created a light and music installation that empowered their brand.

On the other hand was the proposal of Artworks, half way between graphic design and acoustic solutions. They work with standard materials but putting added value.