New uses: coworking at London Clerkenwell’s Church

Which urban tribe surrounded but did not go inside Saint James Church?


This London neighbourhood is rich in designers and creative people. Their strong commitment with design is not only because they have their own design week, but it has one of the higher densities of showrooms, architect studios per sqm.

Andrew Baughen, church vicar, found the inspiration as he was visiting New York public Library. The feeling of being welcome got him from the very first moment. An inspiring space, with history and a good wifi connection was provided.

The coworking’s phenomena is catching even in temples, sacred places, which also need to reinvent themselves. We celebrate this initiative that provides a space to work, meet and where different venues take place related to design and spirituality, which are not necessary on bad terms with each other.

Design's Advent Calender: 2nd

If this year you are not in the mood of spending money in a centerpiece only for Christma's I propose you get hold of this set of cups, off course hand-made, recycled paper pulp and fair trade. Can you ask for more? Plus they come from exotic SouthAfrica, thanks to Serendipity; a happy coincidence to find this web.

- - - 

Si este año ya no queréis poner un centro en la mesa que sólo os sirva para estos días, propongo os hagáis con el set de boles, como no, hechos a mano con papel de diario reciclado y de comercio justo. Se les puede pedir más? Vienen desde lejos Sur África y nos llegan gracias a Serendipity; correcto un feliz accidente toparse con esta página.

Design's Advent Calender: 1st

Sunday first of december 2013, day one in our Advent Calender! With this in mind I will be showing each day a proposal for a guift, for those who like to spend time in their own personalized atmosphere. Also if you want to indulge yourself these special days.

In case we may share the same panic towards crowded Christma's shopping, I have searched for online proposals. Some of them may run out of stock or as it happend with the one showed today, the shop appeared as closed. But as I learned later, what is really happening is that they working on their orders, since they are handmade. So if you like them, run to Etsy, shop ArtsDelight and order your Old Gold Garland, because not all in gold must be flashy.

- - -

Domingo día 1 de diciembre 2013, iniciamos el calendario de adviento!Así que me he propuesto enseñar en el blog cada día una idea para un regalo, para los que busquéis personalizar los espacios. También para daros un capricho estas fiestas.

Por si os pasa como a mí y sufrís las aglomeraciones que acompañan las compras navideñas he buscado propuestas on-line. Algunas puede ser que tengan agotado stock o bien como me ha pasado para la propuesta de hoy, pongan que la tienda está cerrada; pero en realidad lo que ocurre es que al realizarse artesanalmente están trabajando en los pedidos; así que si os gusta, rápido a Etsy, tienda ArtsDelight y a por la Guirnalda en dorado antiguo, que no todo el oro tiene porque ser bling bling.