Design creativity & Business methodology.

"I interviewed a number of designers, but she stood out above the others, as she actively listened to what I wanted and helped shape and form my ideas. I trusted her enough to give her full delegation."

Gary Campbell- Partner at Deloitte Consulting



Retail & Branding

experience new concepts

Unusual locations surprise and capture your clients. We use flagship store techniques: visual merchandising, hotspots, brand recognition, but apply them to a temporary space.


YOUR home

We all need to have our own private space, where we can relax and be ourselves. We avoid you the stress of creating it: dealing with providers, decisions, and materials. We want you to dream about it, explain it to us and enjoy it.

International clients

barcelona lifestyle in London

Mediterranean style with a cosmopolitan touch. We work abroad in collaboration with international partners. We offer you personalized attention, speaking your own language. We bring the best of both cultures.


design consultancy

You send us maps, pictures, and explain us what do you/your clients want to feel when you/they cross your door. Upon analysis we deliver the solutions you need. If you want further assessment we work out a mood board, product sheet, help you out with the distribution.

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3d weaving > Milan Design Week 2016

Last year trend merging 3D and artisans has evolved into weaving technique: trying to blend intricrate crisscrossing with this new technology.

So at the end of Lambrate, via Private Oslavia I found Envisions. I have checked what it means at the dictionary and it says: "to picture in mind, imagine". Also in the same exhibition I discovered Studio Plott, Rudi Boiten and Mireille Burge, who try to incorporate a human touch to technology.