Cozy white nest

2 BED · 1 BATH · 60 SQM

          “I love the feeling of light, open space, freedom

Montse is the Country Manager at Hans Boodt Mannequins for Spain and Portugal, so she travels a lot; she needed a space at home, that she could use some times as a home office, a canvas to pin ideas that inspire her. She offered us a white cube and the challenge to dress it without becoming overwhelming. She has a special gift to find treasures at markets, the street, family objects; so our job was to help her choose what to show, put some order, as if her home could be her vintage gallery.


Cerdanya's Nordic Hut

2 bed · 1 bath · 90 sqm

"Small but cozy and openspace"

Josep Maria, asked if he should get a new property or renovate and old one. When we asked him what he was looking for, the answer was clear, his own space at the mountain, to invite another couple. They wanted to feel a fresh atmosphere; since dark wook would have made the space smaller. We projected a space where we could feel the warmth, but without being oversaturated. We built a new kitchen and removed walls so as to have a bigger living room and we redid bespoken cabinetry, inlaid storage spaces.