Haeckel's House: the sea center of proposal


Seaweed for the skin

Agar packaging

To propose beauty products whose main ingredient is algae shows passion for changing the world. Applying them in therapies and creating a place where you can feel the natural rhythm of things the next step. It all started when with the idea  that the same ingredient was considered a precious good in Asia and in Europe a dismiss.


First the store and then the extension to a therapy center on the upper floors was possible thanks to property owner’s commitment, who believed in Haeckel’s project from the start. They used a color palette that flees from what we would traditionally associate with the sea;


A chimney was chosen to frame a sculpture made of another dismissed material: polyurethane foam powder.

They decided to hang a picture that is almost an architectural textile composition instead of a pictorial work that competed with the real views.


The materiality of the project goes from the use of micelum in product displays to Agar extracted from algae´s cells for packaging; algae are also used to prepare baths, tea; they are cultivated in a circular way and with one of the two existing permits for this task. A proposal that goes beyond the uniforms originally working man clothes, reconverted for women.


Photocredits Jo Bridges


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