Video FINSA stand at architectatwork Barcelona

I am a teacher and space expert at ESdesign and I wanted to explain how we work on a project, based on a real case.

We listen to the client; create a concept and then develope it until the end. In this case two materials were presented at architect at work, first edition in Barcelona. Greenpannel is light but very resistant. Compacmel is also resistant to scratching and indoors stands high and persistent moisture levels throughout time. 

We actively listened to learn which clients they were targeting. They wanted to get to hospitality: restaurants and hotels. That is why we created this suspended sculpture that is hold only by two green panel boards. You can watch the video about how we built it!

We used the Compacmel material in their more luxurious finishes Vison and Moka chic, applied to geodesic, dodecahedron shapes. We wanted to trigger the clients imaginary with this diamond shapes.

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